Magnetic UV Gelpolish is a new service aimed at the beauty salon, pedicure practice and nail studio. This system combines the convenience of nail polish with the quality of gel.

With the UV Gelpolish service you will attract a whole new generation of manicure customers. These are women who demand perfectly natural nails, who have already tried all the “home remedies” and yet still don’t want artificial nails. The UV Gelpolish is so fast and beneficial that you can offer the customer perfectly reinforced nails in just half an hour. As an added bonus: a beautiful color – it doesn’t get any easier than that! The special flat brush allows you to apply just the right amount of Gelpolish without messing or slipping. Anyone who can apply nail varnish can work with Magnetic UV Gelpolish.

Is your client tired of nail polish that quickly peels off and doesn’t want artificial nails?

Magnetic offers the solution with Gelpolish! This allows you to guarantee your customers beautifully varnished nails with the quality of gel.

Magnetic Gelpolish is just as easy to apply as nail polish and will last for weeks on both natural as well as artificial nails. This is what makes the system so suitable for both beginners as well as advanced nail stylists, beauticians and pedicurists. The gel is strong and flexible and also provides good reinforcement of the natural nail. Gelpolish is thinly applied and gives an opaque result. After 2 minutes under a UV lamp such as the Magnicure Comfort 4, the Gelpolish is cured. An ideal product for customers who don’t want artificial nails.

Who doesn’t want nicely manicured toenails!

Gelpolish is easy to apply and therefore also ideal for toenails. Toenails grow slower than fingernails, thus Gelpolish remains beautiful with a lovely sheen for 4 to 6 weeks. By using one of the trendy colors your customer will certainly enjoy being seen in open shoes. You can also offer a wonderful French pedicure with Gelpolish. After treatment, the nails dry instantly and are scratch resistant, resulting in another contented customer. Not only a benefit for the customer, but also for you!

For whom is Gelpolish the ideal solution?

Gelpolish is the ideal solution for the fashionable customer…

  • Who wants to enjoy her manicure or pedicure long term
  • Who no longer wants flaking nail polish
  • Who doesn’t want to wear artificial nails but wants to reinforce her natural nails and grow them longer