Choosing the Right Gel

Choosing the right gel is mostly influenced by the desired viscosity of the gel

The lower the viscosity the thinner the gel is, the higher the viscosity the thicker the gel feels during the application. There are different influences that affect the viscosity of the gel.

The Composition of the Gel

Longer chains of bigger molecules give the gel a thicker feel, making these gels ideal for extending the nail on forms or building the apex of the nail

The Sheer

The more you work with the gel the thinner the gel becomes. When the technician stops working the gel, the gel gets back to its original state and thickness. This is especially helpful when it is very cold and the gels has difficulty self-leveling.

The Temperature

We strongly recommend an even salon temperature and storing your gels in a cool, dark place. Big differences in temperature and direct sunlight exposure affect the gels.

Flex Indicator

The “Flex Indicator” is an unique feature positioned on the side of the jar. You can see at a glance whether a gel is hard or flexible. The more blocks the harder the gel is after curing.