Magnetic introduces the new generation Base and Top coat!NXT Smoothing Base Coat and NXT Long Lasting Gelfinish Top Coat.

The secret to make a nail polish long lasting without chipping or damage lies in a Base Coat that adheres perfectly and gives a smooth surface, in combination with a flexible Top Coat for a very high shine. To achieve this, Magnetic has developed new plasticizers that are used in the NXT Base and NXT Top Coat. This results in nail polish that looks like a beautifully applied Gelpolish.

NXT Smoothing Base Coat

NXT Smoothing Base Coat gives a smooth surface and adheres perfectly to the natural nail because of these plasticizers. The smooth surface leads to an even application of nail polish resulting in a longer wear.

NXT Long Lasting Gelfinish Top Coat

The quick drying NXT Long Lasting Top Coat seals the nail polish. This very flexible top coat ensures that the nail polish moves with the natural nail preventing chipping. NXT Long Lasting Top Coat unites two extremes; flexibility and a high shine, a combination that was impossible until now. The extreme mirror like shine of the polished nail resembles Gelpolish, but with the ease of normal nail polish that can be removed with Remover Non Acetone.

By combining the NXT system with the Magnetic nail polishes you will elongate the wear of nail polish drastically. But when you combine the NXT Base and Top Coat with the NXT Long Lasting Nail Polishes you will truly be amazed!