About Magnetic Distributors and Trainers

With more than thirty years of practical experience, Magnetic has a wide range of absolutely top products on the market. Nail Products of high quality and, of course, also reasonably priced.

Magnetic Nail Products are available worldwide through our network of professional distributors and trainers. All of these distributors and trainers are trained in the use of our nail products and can answer all your questions. Besides nail products, hand and foot care products are also available. Magnetic is the cosmetics brand of the Dutch nail stylist Mey Liang. She has built her nail salon into one of the leading wholesalers of nail products. Her training institute, The Magnetic Nail Academy, has trained thousands of professional nail stylists. From their headquarters in Soesterberg, Mey and her husband export Magnetic products all over the world.

Your Magnetic Trainers and Distributors

Claire Miles

Distributor London and the South East

Claire Miles

Hi my name is Claire Miles. I am the Magnetic Distributor for Magnetic Nail Design in the South East of the UK.

I’ve worked as a Nail Technician for almost 20 years which has provided me with extensive experience within the Nail industry. I have personally used Magnetic Nail products on my own clients for the last 17 years.

After trying many brands, I was impressed with the high quality of Magnetic products. I loved working with them so much that I decided to become a Distributor and Trainer for the company! I’m passionate about ensuring that UK Nail Technicians have access to a wide range of high quality yet affordable products.

As part of my training to become a Distributor and Trainer I completed Magnetic’s Intensive Training course. This enables me to offer a high level of training for my students, passing on my knowledge to help them gain confidence in using the products correctly. I want to see each of my students become the best Nail Technicians that they can be!

I regularly attend Magnetic HQ in Holland for Training sessions on Product knowledge. I feel it’s essential to continuously keep my knowledge & training up to date to ensure I can provide my students with the latest information on new techniques, trends as well as the latest products available.

Gabriella Hudescu


Information coming soon.

Wendy Simmons

Wendy Simmons

Wendy Simmons brings high-quality nail training, Beauty treatments and Nail Extensions to Worcestershire and the West Midlands.

She is a Nail Trainer, Beauty lecturer, Beauty therapist and an award-winning Nail Technician, lifting trophies in several, national events.

Nail training includes Manicure, gel nails, acrylic nails, e-filing and nail art. One to one nail tuition and specialised workshops for qualified Nail Technicians are also available.

Stacey Boyden


Information coming soon.

Rodika Krismaru Waltham

Rodika Krismaru Waltham

North London

Information coming soon.

Oksana Smirnova


Hi, my name is Oksana Smirnova and my passion is nails! I was born in Estonia and moved to the UK more than 9 years ago. I love everything about nails. I started my career 10 years ago as a beginner nail technician and came to expand my business.


I now teach other people and I own a beauty salon that has been successfully operating for more than 5 years and continues to grow!

I now run my classes with “Magnetic” nail academy, my academy is based in Norwich, Norfolk and we have 1-2-1 or group classes available for:

  • Basic/advance gel skills
  • Basic/advance acrylic skills
  • Basic/advance power gel skills
  • Gel polish
  • E-file dry/ combined manicure
  • No filing gel techniques

Academy Address:

4 Woodgrove parade
Catton grove road

Nail art classes:

  • Ombré
  • 3D plastigel flowers
  • Modern basic nail art
  • More nail art courses coming soon

Elizavetta Becker

Ramsgate, Kent

My name is Elizaveta Bekker and I am a nail modelling educator at Magnetic Nail Design Academy, Kent. I’ve been in the nail service for over 10 years and really love my job.

I went through all the stages of a career growth, from a regular manicurist to an educator. It was not by chance that I came to Magnetic, for a long time I approached this, for a long time I chose companies from which I would like to train people.

Eliza Bekker

I came to the conclusion that Magnetic is the best and leading company all over the world, where there are high standards of education and very high quality products, and now I’ve been here since December 2018, teaching courses on nail modelling and nail design.

I offer training in all aspects of Nail Technology at my academy in Ramsgate, Kent.

My passion and hobby is Nail art, where there are no limits to imagination and creativity!

Training Nail Technicians

The Magnetic Nail Academy offers both practical as well as theoretical training in nail styling at the highest level. A unique and complete education in nail styling, tailored to cater to individual needs and requirements. Our teachers have extensive practical experience and pay each trainee close attention. As part of the course you will work with the best products and receive detailed manuals. We deliver professional courses.

The Allround Nail Styling course can be considered as vocational training. After completing our course you will be ready to enter the demanding market. Your clients will be proud of their gel nails and acrylic nails. Our students make beautiful, stylish and sturdy artificial nails, without damaging the natural nail. With this certificate you can get the correct insurance and start your own nail studio. You can either work from home or hire a nail table, for example in a hair salon. You can then continue to train in Nail Art or the application of artificial nails to toes. Our trainers and distributors are spread throughout the UK and offer Magnetic courses and products.

About Our Nail Wholesale

As a nail wholesaler, Magnetic supplies a total package of professional products for artificial nails, manicures and pedicures. Whatever you need in your studio, we’ve got it! All our products are of the best quality and at a reasonable price. Our products are always easy to use. We set the trend with the latest colors in nail polish, Gelpolish, gel and Acrylic. Our original Nail Art products are world famous!

Our motto is “Nail Care designed for professionals, by professionals”. We test all our products extensively with a critical team of nail technicians and pedicurists. If you have any technical questions about Gel, Acrylic or Nail Art, you can call or email us. All sales staff are qualified nail technicians and able to provide quick and expert advice. Our nail products are made for professional users: qualified nail technicians, pedicurists and beauticians. We also have special products for your clients such as nail polish and hand creams.

Hope to see you soon!

Mey Liang, founder of Magnetic

About 30 years ago Mey Liang, founder of the Magnetic Nail Academy started out as one of the first nail technicians in Holland. As in that time there was no training available, she went to the USA to learn and perfect her techniques. Soon after she started her nail studio she was asked to teach one of her clients and that’s how it all started. From that one first student she build a school of international importance and of course by importing products from the USA she grew into being a major market leader in Holland. Based on all these years of experience in training, buying and selling nail products, she decided to develop her own brand: Magnetic Nail Care Designed for Professionals. A brand of top quality products reasonably priced and supported by good service, training and advice.