Magnetic offers a wide range of brushes designed for the demanding nail stylist.

From budget-friendly equipment to the highest quality brushes in the market: there’s a suitable brush for every nail stylist. The magnetic Click-On system is revolutionary: a metal rack on which to hang your brushes upside down. This prevents liquid residues from contaminating the brush.

Your brushes will therefore last longer with the Click-On system. A selection of our bestselling brushes are available in a Click-On version, with a magnet at the end of the brush.

Gel Brushes

Gel brushes are available with nylon or natural kolinsky bristles. Nylon bristles retain a better shape, but are more rigid to use. Kolinsky bristles are softer, which makes brushing with Kolinsky bristles ideal for use with thinner gels such as Top Gel.

Acrylic Brushes

Acrylic brushes from Magnetic are made of the best quality Kolinsky Sable bristles, and there’s a brush for each specific technique. The brushes are available in different sizes and shapes, but all are specifically designed to ensure an ideal fluid intake so that the mix ratio always remains the same.

“The choice of the type of brushes, the shape and type of bristle, is personal. Some brushes have specific uses.”

Brush Cleaning Tip

Be sure to clean brushes in clean liquid after each use. Previously used liquid can actually soil the bristles and result in the brush hardening.