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Acrylic System

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Acrylic System

Magnetic Acrylic System is designed to guarantee artificial nails with optimal flexibility and a strong structure....

Magnetic Acrylic System is designed to guarantee artificial nails with optimal flexibility and a strong structure. This ensures that your customers enjoy comfortable wearing of the nails and don’t suffer from peeling, chipped nails or micro fractures. By mixing the different series you can achieve the perfect product combination. From slow to fast drying, and flexible to very hard: anything is possible. 

You can also customize the blend ratios of the Magnetic Acrylic Systems. In general, a ratio of 2:1 is preferred, but the molecular structure is designed in such a way that you can also apply the acrylics wetter or drier, without jeopardizing the quality of the nails. This benefits, for example, nail stylists in particularly warm or even cold climates.

The innovative acrylic powders and liquids are developed by experienced nail technicians and tested in salons throughout Europe. The acrylic systems are continually expanded and improved: this makes Magnetic Acrylic Systems the absolute innovator in the nail industry!



  • Liquids

    Prestige Acrylic Liquid

    The Prestige Acrylic System is designed for the demanding nail stylist who wants full product control and artistic freedom. The revolutionary chemical composition provides controlled workability and a curing process that results in a natural and flexible end result.

    Blue Liquid

    Blue Liquid is the perfect liquid for nail stylists who want to create nails faster. It is a versatile liquid: in combination with the color powders or the Pro Formula Color Collection, Blue Liquid improves the workability and the potential of these powders enormously. 

  • Prestige Acrylic Powders

    All Prestige powders are designed to provide the nail stylist with controlled curing. The product remains workable until the desired brushing of the nail is completed. This application is absolutely ‘foolproof’. This product is suitable for both beginners and experienced nail technicians. Magnetic offers a wide range of colors for specific applications. The Prestige powders are bubble-free and offer a glassy transparency. The result: highly flexible nails.
    "With Prestige Acrylics, you are able to create the most durable acrylic nails on the market" 

    The Benefits of Prestige Acrylics

    • The easiest workability!
    • Intense bonding!
    • Total control!
    • Lifelike Nails!

  • Prestige Camouflage Powders

    Camouflage powders are designed to beautify the natural nail. When the customer bites their nails, has damaged fingernails, or just wants a longer, more beautiful nail plate, the nail stylist can use these powders. Different colors have been developed to match the customer's skin color in a very natural way. We recommend using the powders dryer to increase their camouflage ability.

    The Benefits of Prestige Acrylics

    • The easiest workability!
    • Intense bonding!
    • Total control!
    • Lifelike Nails!

  • Colour Acrylics

    Magnetic Color Acrylics are suitable for a variety of techniques by virtue of its color stability and flexibility. Whether you want to create a background, a fancy pattern or 3D flowers, these colored powders will live up to the expectations of even the most demanding nail stylist. The wide range of colors caters to every season and every type of client. The colored acrylic powders are available in matte, metallic and glitter colors.



    When creating fadings, use the color acryl with Prestige Liquid for a longer working time. When making flowers, Blue Liquid is more suitable because the acrylic cures faster.



  • UV Acrylic
  • Natural Look Acrylic

    With these 7 new Natural Whites gels or 3 Natural Whites Acrylics you choose the right color for the free edge and exactly match the color of the client’s nails. With this new technique you’re finished much quicker and there’s no need to do a back fill anymore because it will grow out invisible. When your customer has natural nails and she breaks one, it can be fixed without being visible.

    • Ideal for broken nails
    • Easy and fast application
    • Identical to natural nails!

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