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Gel System

There are 22 products.
Gel System


  • Standard Gels

    The UV standard gel is an all in one gel, it can be used as an adhesion layer, to build the structure and it can be buffed to a high shine.

  • Standard Builder Gels

    The main benefit of the UV Standard Builder Gels is the extreme easy self-leveling of the gel ensuring superior ease of application. 

  • Sculpting Gels

    The Sculpting gel is great to make Pink nails on forms, due to the intense pigmentation and the stronger structure. 

  • Sculpting Fiber Gels

    Fiber Gel can be easily pinched. With this product you can create a beautiful thin French Manicure. 

  • Flash Gels

    The Flash Gels create very flexible nails that can be applied in one layer and the gel is highly suitable to make longer nails. 

  • Gel Samples

    Try it for yourself with these sample jars. 

  • Natural Look Gel

    With these 7 new Natural Whites gels or 3 Natural Whites Acrylics you choose the right color for the free edge and exactly match the color of the client’s nails. With this new technique you’re finished much quicker and there’s no need to do a back fill anymore because it will grow out invisible. When your customer has natural nails and she breaks one, it can be fixed without being visible.

    • Ideal for broken nails
    • Easy and fast application
    • Identical to natural nails!

  • PowerGel
  • Plasti Gels

    High pigmented gel for 3D nail art designs 

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